We do security research on Cardano

IOG Audit and Certification Meetup

IOG held their Audit and Certification Meetup in Barcelona on the 17th and 18th of May and we were delighted to attend. …

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Compiling Plutus Core to LLVM

Today we are announcing plc-llvm, our compiler from Plutus Core (PLC) to the LLVM intermediate representation (LLVM IR). …

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An Overview of Hachi's Security Toolkit for Plutus Core

Cardano uses validator scripts, also known as smart contracts on other blockchain platforms, to verify whether a new …

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An Introduction to Plutus Core

Plutus Core (PLC) is the programming language that “runs” on the Cardano Blockchain. A blockchain is just a …

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overzZzealous: the Peculiar Semantics of || and && in Plutus Core

TL;DR: We identified an issue in the semantics of Plutus Core, which we refer to as overzZzealous. This issue may slow …

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Enter Hachi

Hachi is a research effort in security, programming language theory, and formal methods on the Cardano blockchain.

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