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IOG Audit and Certification Meetup

IOG held their Audit and Certification Meetup in Barcelona on the 17th and 18th of May and we were delighted to attend. The meetup followed a series of workshops held online in February and was IOG’s first in-person meeting following the Covid-19 pandemic. It was great meeting other members of the Cardano community in-person again: we caught up with old friends and made new ones! It was a lot of fun!

The goal of the workshops was to bring together auditors and security researchers to create standards for auditing and certifying Cardano dApps. Auditing is the process of having third-party security experts try and find vulnerabilities in the code. This is very important to improve the safety of assets stored on the Cardano blockchain and build up the trust one can have in the dApps. We were excited to be one of the organisations that helped shape these guidelines for Cardano.

At the meetup in Barcelona, dApp developers joined us to learn about what an audit involves or share their experiences of audits if they have had some performed on their dApps already. We enjoyed the interesting presentations that were given during the two days and hearing about the varied experiences of audits. Having people from different backgrounds come together with different visions was a truly insightful experiences. One thing is clear: all agree on the importance of audits and having good security tooling to support them. It was a great opportunity to work together towards a better and safer Cardano ecosystem!

We were super excited to present our own security toolkit for Plutus during a lightning talk. We have been hard at work to get the Hachi toolkit ready for a public release. Stay tuned to hear more on that in the near future!

The workshops and the meetup were extremely valuable and we thank IOG for organising them. They were productive and fun! We had a great time and met many awesome people who we are thrilled to continue working with going forward. See you next time!

Hachi is a research effort in security, programming language theory, and formal methods on the Cardano blockchain. Follow our blog at blog.hachi.one for frequently updated content in this exciting field.